Redirection in websites

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Fri Oct 13 00:43:08 UTC 2017

Dear FreeBSD users,

Something strange is going on when I try to visit a website.  I type in the address bar, and instead of getting duckduckgo, I
see google.  I do the same but visting, and I get
Except for yahoo, I cannot access the other sites like I used to.  I cannot
run ftp from a latex site, I get operation timed out error messages when
# pkg upgrade

Some of my friends say that it is a conspiracy, 1984 by George Orwell is
happening.  I am a mathematics teacher and our network at school is not
behaving normally.  I asked kindly to administrators to open some
opensource sites, and some pages which were rated unknown by the software.
But,  I cannot do normal things like update my machines because someone
believes I am downloading illegal materials/files.  Is there a way to
configure tor network on my amd64 bit machine to bypass these troubles?  I
am not doing anything wrong but I don't feel good not updating my machines
and that redirection is also not good.

If tor is not viable, are there any wireless broadband providers that
respect the user's freedom, then I can get one device and connect from it
to access the sites that I need also update my machines.  Friends tell me
that such companies do not exist.  I hope that is not the case.  Thanks for
your advice, suggestions and hints.

Best Regards,


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