Cannot pkg upgrade WindowMaker 0.95.7 -> 0.95.8

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Oct 9 14:29:51 UTC 2017

On 09/10/2017 14:38, James Geering wrote:
> When I run "pkg version -vL=" the output does indeed
> show that windowmaker-0.95.7_5 requires updating to 0.95.8,
> however, when I try and run "pkg upgrade windowmaker" it reports
> that it I already have the latest version.  
> I also perform a "portsnap fetch update" but this did not change.
> the outcome.
> What am I missing here please? - it seems like these steps should work.


  pkg version -vR=

which will look for available updates from the packages in the
repository catalogue.  It is possible for an update to the ports to take
a few days before it appears as a compiled package.  In which case, just
wait for a day or so, and then try again.

Also, check whether you are using the *latest* package set, rather than
the default *quarterly* package set -- the Windowmaker update won't be
merged into the quarterly packages before next January unless there's
some security vulnerability affecting it.

portsnap will get you a copy of the ports /sources/ which is a separate
thing from installing a package from the FreeBSD repositories.  Pkgs are
built out of ports, but having the ports sources on your system does not
automatically do anything useful for you unless you intend to start
building your own packages.



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