Static IP Addresses

David Christensen dpchrist at
Mon Oct 9 03:10:19 UTC 2017

On 10/08/17 12:15, Doug Hardie wrote:
>> On Oct 8, 2017, at 11:02, David Christensen 
>>> On 10/08/17 01:37, Doug Hardie wrote: I have a remote backup 
>>> machine that is on a dynamic IP address allocation.  The address 
>>> doesn't seem to change very often.  However, after a few days 
>>> from a boot, the static aliases on the LAN vanish.  Since I only 
>>> have very infrequent access to it I can't say for sure what 
>>> happened.  The logs seem to indicate that the interface went
>>> down and then came back up.  However, some of the static aliases
>>> were gone.  This is a bit of a guess as to when it happened.  I
>>> have dhclient.conf set with entries like: alias { interface
>>> "bge0"; fixed-address; option subnet-mask
>>>; } I understood from the man pages that was the
>>> way to have dhclient add in the static addresses if it changed
>>> anything.  Is there something more that I should have done?
>> When building a computer, I normally have the installer create the 
>> DHCP client stuff and then I create fixed leases on the DHCP 
>> server.
> Neat approach.  However, in this case, it would raise the cost of 
> the internet connection and since its not mine, I don’t have that
> luxury.

Please reply to list.

Please configure your mail client to not include e-mail addresses.

I have a SOHO LAN and my connection to the Internet is via a modem/ 
firewall/ router appliance provided by telephone company (AT&T).  The 
firewall/ router functions are fairly limited, and I wonder about its 
security.  So, I put a second NIC into an old computer run a pfSense:

pfSense rocks.  :-)


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