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> On Sun, 08 Oct 2017 01:14:04 -0500, Paul Schmehl wrote:
>> I guess I should have pointed out that I'm sending mail on localhost, so
>> there's no auth involved. I'm using mutt because mailx doesn't appear to
>> have the ability to attach files.
> You can attach files with classic mail / mailx, but you'd have
> to create the headers yourself and maybe use b64encode, so your
> solution really looks more comfortable.
>> I solved the problem by using a one word subject. It's weird that Mutt
>> is  somehow parsing the words in the subject and using them as
>> recipients.
> As I said, mutt doesn't do that. Always keep in mind that space
> (or whitespace in general) is the option delimiter in sh and bash.
> So when you issue
> 	mutt -s Foo Bar Baz [...]
> the -s parameter will be "Foo" only (without the quotes). Then
> mutt will receive the parameters "Bar" and "Baz" which it treats
> as addresses (because there is no option switch infront of them,
> so they have to be addresses, see "man mutt" for synopsis).
> To deal with this problem, make the shell submit the whole string
> as _one_ parameter:
> 	mutt -s "Foo Bar Baz" [...]
> Now -s will receive "Foo Bar Baz" (without the quotes). Use double
> quotes because you want shell expansion / variable evaluation.
> It's not mutt's fault. :-)

I've considered myself a journeyman in FreeBSD, having used it for about 
twenty years now. I guess I need to go back to being an apprentice. I 
obviously don't understand how the shell works yet.

Oh well, you're never too old to learn.

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