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Sun Oct 8 06:14:09 UTC 2017

--On October 8, 2017 at 6:08:51 AM +0000 Manish Jain 
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> I do not use mutt (one of the most unfriendly Unix apps) so I cannot
> comment on what is the problem here. But I would to suggest one thing to
> you for CLI mail : use the port/pkg smtp-cli
> Here is a working sample for mail with attachment (bundled into the bash
> shell array att) :
> smtp-cli \
> 	--ipv4 \
> 	--auth \
> 	--server="$SMTP" \
> 	--port=$PORT \
> 	--user="$fromaddr" \
> 	--pass="$password" \
> 	--from="$fromname <$fromaddr>" \
> 	--to="$sendto" \
> 	--subject="$subject" \
> 	"${att[@]}"
> If this solves your problem, good luck  : - )
I guess I should have pointed out that I'm sending mail on localhost, so 
there's no auth involved. I'm using mutt because mailx doesn't appear to 
have the ability to attach files.

I solved the problem by using a one word subject. It's weird that Mutt is 
somehow parsing the words in the subject and using them as recipients.

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