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Sat Oct 7 16:41:10 UTC 2017

On Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 04:37:10PM +0200, Polytropon wrote:
>Maybe something svgalib-based? With the new console "vt", you
>basically are in graphics mode all the time, there is no text
>mode anymore (that was "sc"). I know there was an image
>viewer called zgv (console) + xzgv (X), with version 0.8_9
>being the last usable version (prior to the "library shift"),
>but this probably isn't being maintained anymore...

thanks for the tip. I'll checkout zgv.

Basically I'm looking for the console equivalent of all the
programs one would expect to use on a desktop. So for example,
my favourite email program is mutt. So for mutt, to view a
html email I pipe it through w3m, to view a jpg attachment
I guess I'll need to edit the mailcap file to make it load
zgv. I'm interested in any suggestions the list(s) have
concerning console equivalents of desktop programs.

>Still you might be successful finding a viewer that can
>directly interface with the "vt" graphics mode...

Yeah that's what I hope. The laptop is AMD C-70 which has an
AMD/Radeon APU. It will run xorg but console mode is much faster
and consumes a lot less power. What's nice about the netbook is
that it's just about the ideal size of keyboard and screen, the
case is high quality glossy black plastic and it has a usb3
port and the video is recognised by radeonkms, which gives a
really nice clear console. The downside is the CPU isn't
powerful, so I need to optimise everything for it, and this
"console-only" idea is part of the optimisation I'm attempting.

>Yes. Edit /etc/ttys to spawn more gettys. See "man 5 ttys"
>for details.

thanks for this tip as well

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