make ports use system clang & llvm

Brooks Davis brooks at
Sat Oct 7 02:58:47 UTC 2017

On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 11:10:58PM +0100, tech-lists wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to make ports use system clang & llvm (now at v5) rather than 
> pulling in llvm4? If so, please tell me what it is!

Short verison: no.

Longer version: Ports that depend on a specific LLVM version typically
do so because they link to LLVM libraries.  LLVM provides *no* API
stability between releases so programs can only link to a narrow range
of LLVM versions (1 version is common) and we can not ship the libraries
with the base system because we would then be stuck with a single LLVM
and clang version for the life of a STABLE branch (usually 5+ years).

-- Brooks
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