Cannot .configure WindowMaker 0.95.8 - Xmu lib issues

James Geering j.geering at
Sat Oct 7 00:17:37 UTC 2017

Thank you for all your replies; I'm slowly getting the idea.  Yes, I hadn't
realised that when I download the source from another site (of general target)
that the various scripts are, likely not targeted at freeBSD. 
I will try and do a latest portsnap etc and see where I get with that!

I have attempted to provide a quick summary of the various answers from you
very helpful experts.

Many many thanks!

The lib file is in /usr/local/lib. Mine is

You should only build and install software by ports or pkg in FreeBSD. So
the port needs an update.
I've filed a bugreport in june for the upgrade of x11-wm/windowmaker
to 0.95.8 but unfortunately this hasn't been committed yet. Windowmaker 
0.95.8 runs fine here though.

My first step would be to look in the porta tree and see what patches
are being applied for it to build on freebsd. You may have to do the 
same. Then do ./configure --help and see what options you may need to set. 
Such as where to find the Xmu library. Then repeat as necessary because there
 will probably be more.

> Oh I see; yes of course because following this concept one knows the
> software from a third party has been 'ported' to the freeBSD platform
> using the various libraries that are synchronised to that port version
> -- right??

Correct. Dependent libraries are build and installed too, see below.
> I still have the side-question though, which is why do I not have the
>* library in my file-system.  When I install it using ports:
>   % pkg install libXmu>
> it installs but the libXmu is nowhere to be found?  I really feel
> I'm missing a conceptual understanding here?

I could be wrong but shouldn't this be done as root?  - 
> I'm missing a conceptual understanding here? Sorry I meant as root

Regarding libXmu: this library is a dependency of windowmaker so when
windowmaker is build and installed via ports, libXmu will be build and 
installed also (if it doesn't exist on your system yet). Nice site to 
check on things like this is

> Out of interested I wanted to try the more recent WindowMaker 0.95.8
> and downloaded the source from  I followed
> how-to of extract and configure steps but am having problems
with .configure
> step.

This is not the standard way of installing software from
source on FreeBSD. If possible, use the ports collection.
You can use svn to get the lasted version (or portsnap,
if the snapshot version is sufficient).

> The script stops with the information:-
>   "checking for Xmu library... configure: error: library Xmu not
> however, Xmu library seems to be installed as reported by cd'ing to 
> /usr/local/ports/x11-toolkits/libXmu/ and issuing "make install
> The command reports the library is already installed.  Also I find the
> *.h
> at /usr/local/include/X11/Xmu.  However I cannot find a .lib file -
> should
> I be able to, and if so why does ports think it is installed.

The library files are /usr/local/lib/ (symlinked to
the correct version) and /usr/local/lib/libXmu.a.

> Clearly, I am misunderstanding what the error message is telling me.
Maybe the configure script is Linux-centric and cannot properly
deal with the locations where FreeBSD locates the libraries?
Keep in mind this kind of software is being developed primarily
with Linux in mind, so don't expect portability. ;-)

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