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Janos Dohanics web at
Fri Oct 6 19:09:33 UTC 2017

On Sat, 07 Oct 2017 00:41:50 +1030
Wayne Sierke <ws at> wrote:

> [...]
> Below are some events whose timing in particular might make for an
> interesting comparison.

Trying to find the matching entries in the output I have...

> First dns server connection:
> 0.194129868 open("/etc/resolv.conf",O_CLOEXEC,0666) = 13 (0xd)

The time elapsed until talking to the DNS server in my case is similar
to what you have shown. However, connection to the IMAP server is much
delayed, almost 60 seconds!

>From the output it seems that before offering the login prompt,
Thunderbird reads some or all the messages or headers from the local
cache (?).

May be that's my problem - the mailbox in question is about 180 GB.

Janos Dohanics

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