[OT] Why did "enterprise" crap seem to win? (re: Virtualization, Java, Microsoft, Outsourcing, etc.)...

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Thu Oct 5 22:15:13 UTC 2017

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Alejandro Imass <aimass at yabarana.com> wrote:

> .. or did they?

UaUUU.. Good mail. Just to share real case, from years 1999-2001 (and
repeated again in other job (2007-2010)). We began to build IT
infrastructure, my part worked fast, low resources, in C, but the other
part was being developed in Java. While my daemons read, process and
write results directly in binary data files, Java still was parsing the
binary input files, because it hadn't binary operators. The solution
wasn't to kick java, it was to convert all data to xml. Since then
there wasn't a significant difference between my C daemons and Java
programs, because network (100MB ethernet) becames the bottleneck and
the final problem wasn't that programmers team did a bad work, it was
sysop team fault (the guys that controlled the network) that didn't
design and measure the expected traffic.

After 18 years, now I'm again in a similar situation, trying to move
the business process from .NET/Windows big monolitic server to Unix
philosophy, simple tools that do one work and do it perfect (and FreeBSD

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