Weird turnoff

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Oct 2 06:23:59 UTC 2017

On 02/10/2017 03:55, The Doctor wrote:
> Or hinder.
> Just did a manual test and now the server in
> question cannot see outside the LAN.

Errr... yes.  Running 'service netif restart' will clear your routing
table.  You need to run 'service routing restart' or 'service
defaultroute restart' as well.

What does your routing table look like before and after you run your
network restart?  Compare the results from in either case:

   # netstat -rn

If your interface has started spontaneously going down for no apparent
reason, I'd suspect some sort of hardware problem.  See if the i/f is
recording any errors:

  # netstat -i

If you have a decent switch, you should be able to get equivalent output
from that end too.

If there are any non-zero entries in the ierr or oerr columns, and
particularly if those counters are increasing over time, then start by
checking your cabling.  Try a new ethernet cable.  Make sure that cables
are not kinked or even tied down too tightly.  Make sure plugs are
firmly seated in sockets.  Failing that, try moving the machine to a
different switch port temporarily.



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