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Sun Oct 1 15:52:38 UTC 2017

On Sunday, 1 October 2017 17:34:36 CEST, Ernie Luzar <luzar722 at> 
> Matthias Apitz wrote:
>> El día domingo, octubre 01, 2017 a las 11:18:14a. m. -0400, 
>> Ernie Luzar escribió:
>>> Hello list;
>>> Installed 11.1 from scratch and after about 2-3 weeks I finally got 
>>> around to inspecting the /var/logs. I have never seen the auth.log file 
>>> roll over before, so this peaked my interest. It was full of failed 
>>> login attempts. My firewall blocks all inbound traffic, so I am very 
>>> baffled be what I see in the log. Any suggestions on how this can be 
>>> happening?
>>> Sep 29 03:09:14 fbsd sshd[33675]: Connection closed by 
>>> port 48876 [preauth]
>>> ...
>> If you have a firewall (about which you have not said anything), how can
>> SYN-SYN-ACK happen on port 22?
>> 	matthias
> My post says "My firewall blocks all inbound traffic". The login error 
> messages do not say it on port 22. That inbound port is blocked by the 
> firewall. All pc on the lan are powered off. Even disconnected the lan 
> cable from the freebsd gateway host and still the error messages come 
> out. That is why I am asking for help here.

Run tcpdump to get the src addr of the connects.

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