Security updates / 'procstat' to find daemons to restart - reliable?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at
Thu Nov 30 14:47:21 UTC 2017

--On 30 November 2017 09:21 -0500 "Kevin P. Neal" <kpn at> 

> Unverified guess:

Hmm, seems a pretty good guess :)

> When the library is updated the old library is deleted first. But since
> the library is still open it still exists. It just doesn't show up in any
> directory. That's normal Unix behavior.
> Now, the guess is that if the library doesn't show up in any directory
> then procstat can't figure out the name of the library. Is there any
> mention of a library that has no name?

That would certainly explain the behaviour, and running a 'before' and 
'after' procstat - I can see:

Before 'freebsd-update install'
 1093  ... r-x  460 507 31 10 CN-- vn /lib/

 1093  ... r-x  460 512 31 10 CN-- vn

So that appears to be the case, the file has 'changed' (i.e. inode etc.) - 
and is no longer available to be displayed.

I can't see any obvious "marker" (other than a blank filename) for this - 
so I guess I have to run the check before the 'install' - note what's using 
what, run the install - then restart the affected software.

Thanks for the guess! (I mean reply! :)



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