shutdown -r with UEFI boot

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Tue Nov 28 09:09:07 UTC 2017

On Tue, 28 Nov 2017, DTD wrote:

> I have installed rEFInd booting Win-10 and FreeBSD 11.1. Booting works fine, 
> I have xfce and wireless working. 'shutdown -r' and ctrl-alt-del go through 
> the shutdown process and (I think) the system halts. I think this is whats 
> happening from the console output and trying to follow the code. It seems to 
> me that shutdown goes through the process sending a shutdown to init. init 
> finally invokes the EFI boot. If that is correct, then in my install init is 
> going to the wrong partition. After blanking the screen the system halts. A 
> click on the power button completes shutdown. Another click the boots. 
> 'shutdown -p' works.
> If anyone has this working I would like to compare setups. I am not using 
> zfs, but I do not see how that matters. Thanks for any help.

Right after sending this I decided to boot to windows and go through the trouble 
shooting restart following the path up to but not selecting change UEFI setting. 
After that it all works. All I can surmise is that following this path changed 
some setting in the firmware.

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