Best way to set up a build environment in /compat/linux

Tijl Coosemans tijl at
Mon Nov 27 19:59:47 UTC 2017

On Tue, 21 Nov 2017 12:49:25 +0100 "Sijmen J. Mulder" <ik at> wrote:
> With Linux emulation enabled I can successfully run a statically linked 
> Linux binary that I built on an Ubuntu system (with musl libc).
> I'd like to install the necessary development tools (compilers, 
> libraries, headers, etc) in the Linux compat environment. It appears 
> that linux_base-c6 does not contain a package manager (yum or dnf). 
> What's the best way to install these tools? Did people have success 
> installing and using a package manager, or should I manually download 
> RPMs, or even compile from source?
> The wiki has this guide: 
> but it's rather old and I couldn't learn much from it.
> Alternatively I'd also be interested in cross compiling to Linux 
> directly from FreeBSD, if that's more practical. Still I'd need the 
> headers and libraries.

Installing linux-c6-devtools will give you a C compiler.  There are
many other linux-c6-* ports that install additional libraries, but
none of them install the corresponding headers.  You could download
-devel packages from (os/ and
updates/ subdirectories) and unpack them with tar.

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