Boot problem

Konstantin k.shesternin at
Tue Nov 21 11:07:37 UTC 2017

2017-11-21 12:26 GMT+03:00 Polytropon <freebsd at>:

> What exactly is this "first stage"? The actual first stage of
> (classic BIOS) booting is the MBR / boot manager, second stage
> is the kernel loader, third stage is the kernel itself, fourth
> stage is init. :-)

​It stop when on screen i see "...FreeBSD bootstrap loader..."

> Also, please explain the system behaviour: Does it hang (i. e.,
> become fully unresponsive both regarding keyboard input and
> network access, for example via SSH or telnet), does it
> crash (and if yes, with which message), or does it suddenly
> reboot? Does it do this every time or just occassionally?

​Due first 15-20 seconds i can reboot PC with ctl-alt-del, so keyboard​ is
but after this time it hang - image on screen froze, keyboard stop working.
Only hard-reset or power-off.

> In case your keyboard is a USB keyboard which first runs in
> some legacy mode (via BIOS), and then using the kernel's ukbd
> driver: If the kernel didn't recognize your keyboard, its input
> won't reach anything. Can you check the boot messages for the
> "ukbd" entry?
> Six months ago, did you do something "unusual" to your system,
> like replacing a hardware component or changing the OS software?

​Maybe some updates via freebsd-update fetch|install, not sure.

> > I boot the system from the installation flash drive, from the bootloader
> > command line I do the following
> > unload
> > set currdev="disk1p2"
> > read-conf /boot/loader.conf
> > boot-conf
> Does the OS (on the disk) boot correctly, and will it stay
> responsive after booting this way?
After boot this way system work well about 2-3 month without any problems​.
I shutdown it myself for cleaning dust.

Have you tried booting from a 11.0 flash drive and using the
> kernel from that media (i. e., without the "unload" command)?
> This way you could rule out a kernel problem. Additionally,
> when booting from USB flash media, does booting the _whole OS_
> from that media stay responsive after booting?

​I do not try boot without "unload", but system boot from USB-flash and
work in normal mode.​

> > FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p12
> That's a
> ​​
> fairly current OS version. Is it running a custom kernel?

​No, it runs with generic kernel​

On Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:55:04 +0300, Konstantin wrote:
> > There are no UEFI on the PC - it`s a 8-years old socket 775 platform. And
> > no optical drive.
> This shouldn't be a problem, except of course you're experiencing some
> kind of hardware failure, which is at least possible at such an age,
> but the age alone doesn't imply it. (My home PC is 10 years old and
> still working.)

​It was answer to ​Manish Jain, who ask me try run the system without UEFI.

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