Upgrade old System

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Mon Nov 20 09:24:48 UTC 2017

-- Doug

> On 11 November 2017, at 04:56,  wrote:
> Doug Hardie writes:
>>>> I have a remote host that has not been on or available for
>>>> several years.  It just came back up and I need to upgrade
>>>> it. 
>>>> Is there a way to make that work?
>>> For such a high delta (8.2 -> 11.1), I'd say that a re-installation
>>> from scratch is perhaps the easier way to go.
>> Unfortunately, re-installation is not possible.
> 	Is it possible to build a new machine, install and tune the
> software here, then ship it to the remote site and have the boxes
> swapped?   Or maybe just a new root disk drive?
> 	I'm with Polytropon (and others) on this: given that huge jump,
> the advantages to starting over are all but overwhelming.
> 				Respectfully,
> 					Robert Huff

I started to sftp the new system down to the server, and it had a catastrophic hardware failure.  There is no recovery from that as it appears the processor has failed: possibly from over voltage.  Its difficult to troubleshoot from here.  The client has decided to obtain a "new" system, so I will be installing 11.1 from scratch.  At least that what appears to be the current approach.  Hopefully I don't have to make the 4 hour drive each way.

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