Drupal vs. Wordpress

DTD doug at safeport.com
Thu Nov 16 21:21:28 UTC 2017

IMO the answer somewhat depends on if this is for you personally or something 
you are going to offer as a service. If you know PHP and are comfortable 
writing/hacking code PHP fragments it might be drupal would server you better. 
If is a commercial offering we decided on wordpress. If it's for you, why not 
try both. At the entry level they have similar interfaces. Both install easily.

If you know CSS and HTML virtually anything is possible with wordpress with no 
PHP knowledge being needed. There are literally millions of plug-ins to extend 
wordpress in various areas. Drupal up to the current version considers backward 
compatibility a weakness. PHP must also be up-to-date. The main issue (I have) 
with word press is the original developer is having a food fight with the CMS 
wordpress users and developers in that his company (Automatic) wants to go in a 
different direction and (at least initially) take wordpress along for the ride. 
The FreeBSD parallel would have been if sendmail.com forced changes on the Unix 
community as a whole.

The wordpress issue is kind of interesting and maybe should even be investigated 
to see what the affect would be for a commercial offering. For a personal or a 
single corporate website it is IMo largely irrelevant (but entertaining).

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