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Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Sun Nov 12 14:45:52 UTC 2017

Mitch MRC via freebsd-questions wrote:
> Thank you for your replies.Is it possible to make it with dynamic IP from the ISP? Or i should ask for a fixed IP?
> Mircea

Just so you know about all your options.
Yes it is possible to use a dynamic ip address.
It's all a matter of risk.

In todays market of phone companies and cable TV providers acting as 
ISP's the chance of then changing your assigned dynamic IP address is 
very low. I have had the same dynamic IP address from my TV cable ISP 
for 10+ years.

To reduce the risk to zero you can have your fqdn registered with one of 
the many "dynamic DNS" service providers. You then run a daemon on your 
host that watches your IP address and if it changes automatically sends 
a update to your "dynamic DNS" service provider changing your fqdn to 
point to the new IP address. Down time is less than 5 minutes.

But your missing the big picture problem.

Normally ISP's sell 2 account types, home users who get a single dynamic 
IP address with some max bandwidth per month and the business account 
who gets a group of static ip addresses and have bandwidth usage groups 
that cost more per month as bandwidth usage increases as more hosting 
customers are added.

As I read this thread I see you are thinking about running a home based 
hosting service. A very small scale environment would work but if your 
bandwidth exceeds the max for a home user account your ISP may stop 
serving your account until the next month. Or even worse they may 
determine that you are abusing your home account contract and terminate 
your service all together. This will really put a negative turn on your 
home hosting service and paying customers will leave you asap.

There are other considerations for a 24/7 service, like
UPS and or a gas powered electric generator
redundancy of computers and network controllers
solid state hard drives and the list goes on.

If your intention is something to play with at home so you can learn 
about how things go together, then no problem. If this is a prelude to a 
for profit hosting service then you better have very deep pockets 
because this is going to cost a lot of up front money to do it right.

Maybe you should check into the affiliate program of many existing 
hosting companies. For a price you get a branded hosting front end that 
looks & feel like a real hosting service, but in reality your just 
selling services for the downstream provider.

Good luck.

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