vim / gvim unable to get hardcopy

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Thu Nov 9 16:54:57 UTC 2017

This must be my week to run into corner case problems.

I discover this morning that I cannot print hardcopy from vim.  I do
this so seldom and I work on so many different platforms I cannot
recall with certainty whether I ever had this working on the host in
question but it most certainly does not work at the moment.

The error given is:

E365: Failed to print PostScript file

The base system is FreeBSD-11.1p3.  X11 is installed and gvim works
without other evident problems.  CUPS is installed and four network
printers are configured and working. Mate is also installed and all
applications that run from the desktop manger which have the ability
to print can do so, with the exception of gvim.

I have removed and reinstalled vim and this has not solved the
problem. I attempted to set pdev to a printer name shown in the mate
desktop printer administration dialogue box and this did not fix the
problem either.

I cannot find much in the way of documentation for this so I infer
installing vim should just work.  Does anyone have any ideas as to
what I can do to get hardcopy to work in vim?  At the moment I am
constrained to copy and and then paste from vim into pluma in order to
print from there.

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