Freebsd 11.1-Release boot loader not working

Alex Thomas karlthane at
Thu Nov 2 14:20:17 UTC 2017

Satellite  A665-S5170, i3, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD, realtek ethernet, intel

System will boot from USB or hard disk with Windows, Linux (using
GRUB2), or the OpenBSD bootloader without issue, and after install
boots normally.

FreeBSD 11.1-Release ( and TrueOS) Only booting via optical drive
works for install, ( boot from usb fails ) and once system is
installed and rebooted, it fails to boot with system giving error of
"Boot Failure"

Any suggestions on what I can do to further troubleshoot or get more
data would be appreciated.

Filed bug on bugzilla

Alex Thomas

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