handbook TOC

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk at mit.edu
Tue May 30 03:38:06 UTC 2017

On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 11:31:15AM -0400, Ernie Luzar wrote:
> Been working on updating a chapter in the English version of the 
> handbook. I deleted a section from the chapter.xml file and now keep 
> getting an error code 4 from the "make".

Without looking at the actual patch and build log in question, my
guess would be that here is something somewhere else in the handbook
that tries to refer to the now-deleted section (by id) producing the

> How is the TOC [table of contents] built?
> Is it a file that contains all the chapter sect headers?
> When I delete a section from a chapter do I also have to remove said 
> section header from some file that the build of the TOC uses?

I do not believe you need to delete a section header from the TOC
specifically when deleting a section.  But, the XML id for that
section may be referenced from a different part of the document, so
it would be worth grepping through to see if it is still referenced.

> The igor pgm  does not seem to test for open and close of sections 
> headers like it does for other tags. Is there some reason for this?

I don't know, sorry.


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