Help For Getting Bug Reports in Issue Tracker

David Lie lie at
Sat May 27 04:01:18 UTC 2017

Hi Dylan:


Privacy and personal data issues were not something we anticipated.  I
understand the need for caution around these.  Can you elaborate on what the
issues are?  I had thought that since the bug data bases are publicly
searchable anyways, there was no more information being revealed by sharing.
Is there information in the dumps that isn't available in the web interface?
Or is it more the concern of having all of the information shared at once?
We are public university in Canada and as such adhere to norms governing
research involving human subjects and personal information.  If we sought
Ethics Review Board review for this research, would this allay concerns?




David Lie



Canada Research Chair in Secure and Reliable Computer Systems

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Toronto



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I see potential data privacy/personal data issues associated with this
request. Suggest to proceed with caution.


On 27 May 2017, at 6:57 AM, Mingyue Yang <myshirley.yang at
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Hello FreeBSD Team,

 I am a student from University of Toronto doing research. My research topic
is to automatically detect security vulnerabilities using machine learning
techniques. As part of my research, I need to obtain bug samples and fixes
related to security vulnerabilities.

 I am currently looking into bug reports in the issue tracker of your
project: However, crawling the bug
tracking repository may not be the best thing to do, as it may be harmful to
the website. Thus I am wondering if it is possible to obtain the entire bug
tracking database including summary, comments and other status fields for
all bug reports?

 Help is really appreciated!

Thank you,

Shirley Yang

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