How Secure is your Wi-Fi ?

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Fri May 26 05:06:32 UTC 2017

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Wondered if anyone could be sniffing on every bit of your oline activities and data? , yes its just started happening..The US senate just recently passed a bill (S.J.RES 34) which allows your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to sell your web browsing histories and geolocation data to advertisers and partner companies. Yes, you read that right, your privacy is up for sale with the support of the US Senate. 

Not Cool right? 

Yes so uncool! 

We cant let them do this, so here is how to easily take charge of your privacy from the deep root. 

If you want to encrypt the online activity on all your business or family’s devices, set up a VPN router. A VPN router encrypts internet traffic at the source by default—so you won’t have to remember to switch on your VPN each time you start a device. 
Introducing - Vrois VPN Router

Vrois VPN router is a great way to protect all the devices connected to your home or small business Wi-Fi. Connect unlimited devices. Use VPN with Chromecast, Apple TV, PS4, XBox, Playstation, Mobiles,Laptops and any Internet enabled device.

Vrois VPN Router – A great solution for

Small business
Businesses that care about their customer security, are valued by their customers. Encrypt the public wifi at your establishment.

Share the love
Give the gift of privacy and security. Let your guests enjoy the same VPN benefits as you automatically just by connecting to your home Wi-Fi. 

Protect your data non-stop
VPN router is a great option to ensure your data is protected when you switch between different devices. Never forget to encrypt.
More access to streaming
Connect your favourite home devices like PS4, Xbox, Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast and access more online content in the most convenient of ways.
Even more devices secured
Don't worry about different VPN subscriptions for different devices. Use one VroisVPN subscription on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. 

VPN Router Options

Your new VPN router will come with Vrois VPN pre-installed and pre-configured to your account. Just plug it in and enjoy all the benefits of a VPN on all your Wi-Fi connected devices. 

Vrois VPN Buffalo AirStation N300 

Vrois VPN Buffalo AirStation AC1200 

Vrois VPN ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual-Band

Vrois VPN Buffalo AirStation HighPower N600 Gigabit 

Vrois VPN Linksys WRT1200AC

Vrois VPN Asus RT-AC5300

Vrois VPN Netgear R7000

Vrois VPN Asus RT-N66U


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