having trouble making changes to the handbook

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at gmail.com
Tue May 23 17:43:09 UTC 2017

>>>> When I ran the "make" command the resulting html files are just written 
>>>> into the directory that "make" was run from. How do I tell "make" to 
>>>> write the output to a location of my selection?
>>> 'make install' should respect DESTDIR, of course, and I think (but
>>> did not test) that the usual OBJDIR-manipulation variables would
>>> work.
>> I take this to mean there are existing methods to point the html code 
>> generated by the make process to a separate path. Being brand new to 
>> changing content of the handbook I am un-familiar with the DESTIR and 
>> OBJDIR variables.
>> Please provide an example of how to code it on the command line.
> `make DESTDIR=/path/to/web/root install`
> will install the compiled html files to the indicated path, but will
> also leave a copy of them in the source (doc?) tree where you currently
> don't like them.
> The one that I'm not entirely sure would work would be something
> like
> `make MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/obj/doc`
> which I guess would mirror the directory structure of the doc tree
> checkout (using absolute paths!) inside /usr/obj/doc instead of
> leaving html files in the source tree.  But again, I did not test
> that to check.
> MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX is documented in build(7).

For your information. I did many trial and error runs testing
make DESTDIR=/root/htm.text install
make MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/root/html.text
make install -D /root/html.text

In all cases the generated html code gets populated into the directory 
the make command was executed from and /root/html.text directory is left 

But I discovered that issuing "make install" will cause the 
/usr/share/doc directory tree to be populated with the handbook html 
files. This is what I was after from the beginning. Just the html files 
by them selfs. I don't care where there at as long as its just the html 
files only.

Other thing is "make clean" has to be issued between each cycle of "make 

One last thing. When I go to edit the chapter.xml content I see the text 
wraped in notation. Is there a special term that this "notation" is 
normally referred by?

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