Acme client not updating keys automatically

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Tue May 23 12:30:34 UTC 2017


On 05/23/2017 08:23 AM, David Mehler wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a Freebsd 10.3 system running several ssl-enabled web
> servers. I've got letsencrypt keys for all of them. I'm using
> py27-certbot (am not stuck on it so if there's an alternative), and
> have a cron job set to check keys and update them by doing a certbot
> renew.
> I thought something was wrong when I kept getting key expirey notices
> from letsencrypt, then I checked a site and got a key has expired
> message.
> Suggestions welcome.

Is it working from the command line manually? Any error message (certbot 
will log errors to a file - I think it's certbot.log)?

Also, have you upgrade to the latest security/py-certbot? There was an 
issue after devel/py-configargparse was recently upgraded.

Jim Ohlstein
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