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Mon May 22 00:28:18 UTC 2017

Just to conclude this...

I did end up buying the HP M553. Like its predecessor, it's a color 
laser printer made by HP. It seems that some advances have been made 
since 2001.

The only issue was that I had to change one thing in /etc/printcap - 
:lp= had to become :lp=9100 at snowball (snowball being the printer's 
hostname). No need for CUPS or ghostscript or filters or anything of the 
kind. I can `lpr some_text_file` or `lpr some_file.pdf` with impunity, 
which is all I was looking for. It also prints fine from gnumeric's 
Print dialog box.

After overcoming the printcap thing, I must say I'm pretty much 
delighted with this printer. It's a little smaller than, and about half 
the weight of, the 4550. And it is BLAZING fast. From a standby or sleep 
state, the first page is out in under 10 seconds, compared to a mimute 
or more with the 4500. I might change my tune when it comes time to buy 
toner, but for now it's great.

Thanks to all who replied.

PS: weight-wise, the M553 is 27kg. The old 4550 was 50kg, and, if you'll 
pardon my French, was a cast-iron bitch to get out the door.

On Tue, 16 May 2017, Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:

> On Mon, 15 May 2017 22:49:07 +0100
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>> On Mon, 15 May 2017 19:50:54 +0100
>> Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
>>> I got the Brother binary drivers working easily enough by
>>> running CUPS in a Centos userland in a jail.
>> Whats the advantage of that over using Linux CUPS under
>> the ordinary /usr/compat/linux/ Centos install?
> 	The install scripts work in a jail, using compat you would have to
> put everything in place by hand so you might as well use FreeBSD CUPS.
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