ESP8266 with Arduino IDE

Kyle Evans bsdports at
Fri May 19 03:43:08 UTC 2017

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 6:59 PM, Brad Salai <bsalai at> wrote:

> I installed the Arduino 1.6.12 package on FreeBSD 11. The install went
> fine. I added the appropriate URL to the preferences dialog, but the "Board
> Manager" doesn't appear at the top of Board pop up menu. Has anyone solved
> this?
> Brad
My apologies, I meant to CC the list originally. An explanation, for anyone
else curious:

I actually explicitly patch out the board manager because it won't
necessarily function the way you would expect it to on other platforms
since it downloads not only the core but platform-specific tools, and
FreeBSD isn't officially supported upstream.

Brad indicated to me off-list that he's wishing to use an ESP8266/NodeMCU
board- this is a WIP at the moment now that I have a unit to test with.
Obstacles in the form of binutils strangeness and life have gotten in the
way since I received the unit, but work is resuming on this and I hope to
have an esp8266 toolchain worked out fairly soon.


Kyle Evans

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