swap_pager on cloud server

Shamim Shahriar shamim.shahriar at gmail.com
Thu May 18 22:28:02 UTC 2017

On 17/05/2017 16:26, Adam Vande More wrote:
> On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 10:19 AM, David Mehler <dave.mehler at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is the md0 a swap partition or is it anothe vnode device?
> It's not a swap partition but needs to be removed because it's backed by
> swap.  If you attempt to remove the other two without removing it first it
> will fail.
> man mdconfig
Good evening.

Sorry for the late chime in, but I too had been having this issue. My 
VPS was on a Xen HVM, which had issues with vimage/vnet (server crashed 
every time I added epair devices to bridge), so they removed the Xen 
layer and i am now using em0 device for networking. However, from time 
to time the system shows symptoms similar to what OP described (I have a 
screenshot of the KVM console in the browser, which I can post if anyone 
is interested). My system is not on md device -- they are on ada device, 
and I have twice the size of RAM as swap space. What I have found to be 
more confusing, even though this particular VPS in London is supposed to 
have better spec than my very old VPS in Texas, the Texan one (FreeBSD 
9.x, several jails but not in VNET) performs much better and is more 
resilient on resources than the FreeBSD 11.x VNET jails in London. Like 
the OP, I have to occasionally reset the server just to get my services 
back (including SSH).

If you need me to run further tests or need more information, please let 
me know and I'll try my best to provide.

Best regards

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