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Chris Hill chris at
Mon May 15 00:40:54 UTC 2017

OP here.

First, thanks to all for your responses.

Second, let me clarify that I would really prefer to stay away from CUPS 
if possible. I use lpr and printcap, with occasional printing from 
applications whose names start with "gn." What I'm after is a printer 
that works out of the box with minimal hassle.

My main reason for hesitating on the HP M553n was that the specs claim 
support for "HP postscript level 3 emulation," which seems to be not the 
same thing as actual postscript. It would also be swell if I could avoid 
complications like hplip.

And thanks to Valeri's <rant> I will be very leery of Xerox products; 
that Phaser I mentioned (6515DN) is probably out of the running now due 
to the chance of it becoming a Supplies Orphan. One thing I like about 
HP is that they seem to make consumables for many years after the 
product is discontinued. Toner, fusers etc. are still available for the 
old 4550N after these many years.

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