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I am sorry if FreeBSD Questions is not correct for my question but:

This is just the right place to ask  : - )

I have installed FreeBSD (now is 11-RELEASE) on iMac 11,1 where is also OS X on but I do not using it years. Now I have a problem with hard drive and I decided to change my HD with new SSD drive(I didn't buy yet). Is it possible to installed just FreeBSD on the computer, please? Now I have dual boot and I use rEFit.

Hi Stari,

Let me get this right : a) you are essentially purchasing a new SSD, and, b) you want your computer to be FreeBSD-only.

a) is sweet as simple. FreeBSD supports SSD better than any other OS. If you use ZFS, the filesystem implementation will take care of the SSD support. If you use UFS, choose Options from the partition context menu and enable TRIM (or else, run tunefs later). You don't have to do anything else.

b) There are a few ways you can migrate the system to FreeBSD-only with the SSD. You can make a fresh install on the SSD, or if your current FreeBSD installation on the old HD is working well, you can clone it to the SSD. A cloning strategy is available at :

Depending on which route you prefer, I can answer more specific questions accordingly

Manish Jain

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