Module "kernel" exists but with wrong version, after upgrade. (But still working)

Dan Mahoney thegushi at
Mon May 1 08:31:46 UTC 2017

This is my whole file:

# Beginning of the block added by the VMware software
# End of the block added by the VMware software

So that's not it.

I'm not using the vmxnet driver, I can probably rip that line out.

I can probably also rip the accf's out, as the apache startup configs will handle them.


> On Apr 30, 2017, at 19:53, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Apr 2017 17:46:04 -0700, Dan Mahoney wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> After doing a full-on upgrade from 8.4, to 10.3 via freebsd-update,
>> my system is running fine, but I see this error at startup:
>> It seems harmless enough, but I’m concerned.
>> Strings /boot/kernel/kernel show that it is in fact 10.3-P18, but I
>> don’t know where the loader (I assume it’s the loader) is reading the
>> alternate version from that’s “wrong”.  (I.e. it would be super nice
>> if the two conflicting versions were printed).
> Check if /boot/loader.conf contains an entry to load the
> alternate kernel file (that could be left in /boot during
> the upgrade process).
> Especially check for those:
> kernel="kernel"         # /boot sub-directory containing kernel and modules
> bootfile="kernel"       # Kernel name (possibly absolute path)
> (taken from /boot/defaults/loader.conf)
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