Two pf questions

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Tue Mar 28 18:32:01 UTC 2017


while I won't add such an exit status loop as I mentioned by an earlier
reply, I still would be careful with file names in /tmp and also
consider to make the commands of a "command chain" conditional of the
preceding commands.

Instead of

  cp /etc/pf/bruteforce /tmp/foobar.txt
  pfctl -t bruteforce -T show >> /tmp/foobar.txt
  sort -u -n /tmp/foobar.txt > /etc/pf/bruteforce

I would use something similar to

  cp /etc/pf/bruteforce /tmp/bruteforce$tmp_suffix && \
  pfctl -t bruteforce -T show >> /tmp/bruteforce$tmp_suffix && \
  sort -u -n /tmp/bruteforce$tmp_suffix > /etc/pf/bruteforce

I wouldn't use $$ and $(mcookie) together, perhaps just $(mcookie) or $$
plus the date and time including seconds or something else unique or
at least add "$(id -u)" to the PID. "-$$-$(mcookie)" is just an example,
as "foobar.txt" was just an example, too.


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