IM with OMEMO support

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Sun Mar 26 21:28:32 UTC 2017

On 25.03.2017 21:23, Jan Kokemüller wrote:

Good evening!

> I'm using Gajim with the OMEMO plugin successfully on FreeBSD. I didn't
> build the plugin manually, however. I've installed it through the plugin
> manager of Gajim. Shouldn't that work on other OSs, as well?

With OpenSuse it wasn't quite that simple. The plugin manager exists 
there, sure. However OMEMO couldn't be activated because there was 
always something missing.

> I think I had to install one more package that was a runtime dependency
> of the OMEMO plugin. There was a log message about that in the standard
> output.

I installed more like 6 oder 7 dependencies, most of which were not in 
the standard OpenSuse package sources - or were the wrong version (i.e. 
Python 3.4 and not 2.7). The Installation under Windows was relatively 
painless (if you don't count the Python installation itself). But I 
currently do not know if OMEMO is actually working or now.

The fact that the documentation isn't really all that helpful is a 
little annoying but it's something you learn to live with.


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