how do I get STARTTLS working with sendmail on FreeBSD 10.3 ?

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Thu Mar 23 00:18:15 UTC 2017


On 3/18/17 6:44 PM, William Dudley wrote:
> A google search does not reveal a useful answer.
> I just want to use a self-signed certificate so I can get my email from my
> FreeBSD mail server to my cell phone.  My FreeBSD server runs sendmail.
> I don't really want to switch to postfix, qmail, etc. etc.

I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you after all this time and 
effort, but AFAIK Sendmail speaks neither POP3 nor IMAP so you  cannot 
use it as an MDA. You can use it to *send* email from your phone, but 
not to retrieve it. You also can use it to forward mails to another 
email address from which you can retrieve it, of that's what you want.

If you want to retrieve emails using your phone's email client, you will 
need an MDA. I use mail/dovecot2.

I know that you do not want to install a different MTA, but after all 
this effort I'd suggest trying Exim. TLS is supported out of the box (in 
the default ports/packages configuration) and is extremely easy to 
configure [1]. You can use Dovecot authorization [2] with Exim, killing 
two birds with one stone.

- see Section 6


Jim Ohlstein

"Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the 
difference." - Mark Twain

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