command line history broken in 11.0

Arthur Chance freebsd at
Tue Mar 21 14:31:43 UTC 2017

On 20/03/2017 18:05, Ernie Luzar wrote:
> On 10.3 I had the current session saving the command line history when
> issuing the shutdown, halt, and reboot command by using these alias
> commands that I added to the .cshrc file of my logged in user account.
> alias sd    "exit && shutdown now"
> alias sdp    "exit && shutdown -p now"
> alias rboot     "exit && reboot"
> alias stop      "exit && halt"
> Now after doing a clean install of 11.0 and using the same .cshrc file
> the rboot and stop alias commands no longer save the current history.
> They act like the exit command is not getting executed. The sd and sdp
> alias commands are working as expected.
> When existing from a session terminal by issuing the exit command does
> still save the current history.
> Is there an alternate method I can use?

To the best of my understanding, reboot and halt should really only be
used in single user mode, because they don't cleanly close down running
programs - they're more like pulling the power plug after a couple of
syncs. That's been the case for a long time now.

Is there any reason for you not to use shutdown exclusively? The -p and
-r modifiers give you power off and reboot abilities, and daemons get
cleanly shut down, which may save you from a broken database one day.

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