ABNT keyboard: dot (".") not working on the numpad.

Dump Mail Address dump at gmx.com.br
Sun Mar 19 19:16:13 UTC 2017



I am using a "Microsoft Wired 600" keyboard with Brazilian ABNT2 layout, 
and I can not manage to get the numeric pad "." key working.

When I say it is not working, I mean it does not even print anything on 
either xev or vt console.

I am having a similar problem with the "media" keys, what make me think it 
should be a bug, but I do not know what to blame.

In regards to the media keys, I installed uhidd and configured it. This 
keyboard have five XF86 keys: Play/Pause, Volume Decrese, Volume Increase, 
Mute, and Calculator.

After having everything properly configured the media keys was working, 
less one. The one which not worked was changing at every reboot. The only 
one never stoped working was the Calculator one.


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