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Re-including list, hope that's okay.

On Fri, 17 Mar 2017 17:04:21 -0400, daniel Verreault wrote:
> i am a newbie to freebsd and have no idea of what to do.

In that case, you should first check the relevant chapter of
the FreeBSD handbook which explains the required actions. Keep
in mind Brasero doesn't burn CDs and DVDs on its own - it needs
the OS and additional programs to do so.

> i have  freebsd 11 with gnome3

As soon as you got the permissions thing right, Brasero will
work as expected. I have it running on one system with Gnome 2.

Again, go through the basic steps first:

Is the optical drive recognized by the system?

	# dmesg | grep ^cd

	# camcontrol devlist

Do you have the required software installed?

	# pkg install cdrecord

	# pkg install cdrdao

	# pkg install dvd+rw-tools

Does cdrecord recognize the drive?

	# cdrecord -scanbus

Do you have the correct permissions to access the device files
that control the optical drive? Check /etc/devfs.conf for
entries like this:

	link    cd0     dvd
	own     cd0     root:operator
	perm    cd0     0664
	own     xpt0    root:operator
	perm    xpt0    0660
	own     pass0   root:operator
	perm    pass0   0660

Make sure your user is a member of the "operator" group so
that you can benefit from the group permission to write to the
controlling device files.

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