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Mike Jeays mj001 at rogers.com
Thu Mar 16 01:46:45 UTC 2017

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Subject: 	Re: Toshiba A-205 S5880 laptop compatibility
Date: 	Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:27:12 -0400
From: 	Mike Jeays <mj001 at rogers.com>
To: 	phnxcs_rep at lycos.com

FreeBSD 3.4 is years out of date. I would suggest you download a copy of
the latest release, or of TrueOS, which is an easy-to-install version
that will give you a nicely-equipped desktop. There is no charge, of
course. I think the only reason not to would be if you have a very slow
or expensive interent connection.

Either 3.4 or the latest TrueOS or FreeBSD should run well on your
laptop - quite a bit better than Vista, anyway. Good luck!

On 17-03-15 05:48 PM, phnxcs_rep at lycos.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an older Toshiba laptop and a (store bought) copy of FreeBSD 3.4
> and wonder if these two would play well together. The software is dated
> January 2000 and I bought the laptop new in November 2008.
> The Toshiba is running Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2. I had
> planned to use Whitecanyon's WipeDrive8 to clean the HD and from my
> reading of the book (3rd edition) the four disks came with it seems I
> should be able to remove the MBR, repartition, and, format with the
> tools that came with FreeBSD.
> Toshiba Satellite A-205 S5880
> Intel Pentium Dual 1.86 GHz CPU (T2390)
> 3 GB RAM
> 32 Bit
> 184 GB HD (NTFS)
> etc., stock out of the box for the rest.
> I guess the two questions are:
> 1. is the laptop to old for this version of FreeBSD (ver. 3.4)
> 2. will the O.S. and the Toshiba work well enough together to make it
> worth the effort.
> Thank you for your time,
> Phnxcs_rep
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