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Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Wed Mar 15 14:12:18 UTC 2017

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Greetings programs!

I am setting up a new laptop here and doing things a little differently.
The past machines I set up all had KDE4, which I learned to regret[1].
I'm trying to do things a little differently.

Because I like to play with different WM and desktops, I have installed
Lumina, Xfce and Openbox - there might be more.  But there is the
thing about the DM. On Opensuse Leap I can install KDM5 (which I
actually do like) as a separate package (with very little KDE clutter).
FreeBSD doesn't have it as a separate package, so I'd have to install
KDE completely - which I am trying to avoid. Strangely, GDM is there as
a separate package, but since it wants to install the current Gnome3
(~950MB), I won't go down that road either. XDM works but looks like
it's stuck in the early 90s.

I have heard of other display managers, but I can't really say I have
used any. And unfortunately, the term "display manager" in duckduckgo
and others give me a ton of stuff that actually involves displays (as in
hardware). So that wasn't too helpful either.

Can someone recommend a DM[2], that can be installed under FreeBSD
(without having to install a complete desktop along side it), preferably
one that looks modern attractive (customers will see this laptop) and
makes changing between desktops nice and simple?


[1] Akonadi and the likes IMHO simply blow, but I don't want to start a
discussion about that here.
[2] or two, or three... :-)
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