LABEL (The FreeBSD Disklabel Editor)

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Tue Mar 14 21:47:36 UTC 2017

Thank you Jon.

	You're correct  I over-wrote the entire disk ( all sectors) with zeros. Are you saying if I installed FreeBSD SW it would have protected the boot sector ( drive label) or are you saying I should have use the FreeBSD to wipe the drive and it would have not erase the drive label?


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On 3/14/17 5:09 PM, Israel Gelpi wrote:
> Hello Sir, I had a SUN enterprise which I tested using a HDD
> diagnostics software called SCSI Tool-Box Suite. After testing I
> wiped the drive and mistakenly erased the Disk Label making the drive
> unusable (the operating system would not "mount'). Could you advise
> me on the how, I could restore/repair the Disk Label and to proper
> wipe a SUN without erasing the disk label.

You wish to run FreeBSD on a computer with a completely wiped disk?  If
so, you would have to install FreeBSD from the beginning.  There is
unlikely to be anything useful on the disk if you used a disk wipe
feature of a disk diagnostic program.  In other words, it's likely that
there's nothing there to repair.

If this isn't what you mean, could you please supply more information on
what you mean by "wipe?"  I'm taking it to mean overwriting every part
of the disk at least once to make data recovery essentially impossible.

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