WIFI as access point

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 18:13:54 UTC 2017

Dima Panov wrote:
> Ernie Luzar wrote:
>> Hello List;
>> I have this wifi card
>> http://www.dlink.com/al/sq/products/dwa-556-xtreme-n-pci-express-desktop-adapter
>> I recovered it from a decommissioned win7 box. On win7 this wifi card
>> could only be used to connect to a router access point.
>> If I add this wifi card to my FreeBSD 11.0 system can it be configured
>> to function as an access point?
> This card is fully support by ath driver as "AR5418 Wireless Network
> Adapter".
> Complete examples with various AP setup described in manual page for driver.

You were correct, I now have this card functioning as a client getting 
connected to my Cisco wifi router.

The next step is to reconfigure it into a access point.

But I have a question about how to determine what the connection speed 
is?  Could not find any information on "connection speed" in the 
handbook or the man pages. Can someone please point me to where this 
information can be found.

When this card was in a win7 box the connection speed showed as 130Mbps 
and network mode N.

The ath man page seems to be saying network mode G is the last one 
supported. Is that really saying that network mode N is not supported by 
this driver?


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