sudo alternatives; for the minimalists

Harry Schmalzbauer freebsd at
Mon Mar 13 19:46:06 UTC 2017

Bezüglich markham breitbach's Nachricht vom 13.03.2017 18:37 (localtime):
> You can set a credential cache timer for sudo, so it will only ask for a
> password every-so-often, 

That's another reason to un-blacklist "sudo" ;-)

> or you can permit members of a particular group
> access to sudo without and password required (particularly useful for
> limited tasks of daemons/cron-jobs).

Nah, that's more a reason to re-add to blacklist ;-)

Most important reason why I never considered using sudo is, it's not in
I'm wondering, if it's such a versatile helper, and there are no
frequent security issues – by implementation nor by design – wouldn't it
have landed in base long time ago?

Still interested if anybody recommeends "doas" or any of the other
alternatives listed there for any good reason:



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