Pkg errors while trying to rebuild packages while updating to 11.0

Ross Penner rossp at
Tue Mar 7 22:44:11 UTC 2017

I'm in the process of updating 10.3 to 11.0 and I'm at the step where I
need to rebuild all my pkgs. As suggested, I run "pkg-static install -f

unfortunetly, that fails:
FreeBSD repository update completed. 25860 packages processed.
pkg-static: warning: database version 34 is newer than libpkg(3) version
33, but still compatible
pkg-static: sqlite error while executing INSERT OR ROLLBACK INTO
pkg_search(id, name, origin) VALUES (?1, ?2 || '-' || ?3, ?4); in file
pkgdb.c:1544: no such table: pkg_search

I'm hoping for some quick advice to try and remedy this.

Thank you.

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