Is there a namei utility in FreeBSD?

James E Keenan jkeen at
Mon Mar 6 17:44:03 UTC 2017

On 03/06/2017 11:02 AM, Anton Yuzhaninov wrote:
> On 03/06/17 09:12, James E Keenan wrote:
>> In Linux, there is a userland utility 'namei' which enables a user to
>> "follow a pathname until a terminal point is found".  Invoking it on,
>> say, a symlink produces output like this:
> If you need to find a target of symlink (or symlink chain) you can use
> realpath(1).

Thanks for mentioning that.  However, while the example I gave was that 
of a symlink, and while both namei and realpath are good for displaying 
information about symlinks, my central question was whether there was an 
equivalent to namei in FreeBSD.  namei identifies the nature of each 
component in the resolved path; realpath does not.

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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