sendmail check_rcpt reports in daily run output

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Mar 6 17:20:29 UTC 2017

On 2017/03/06 17:00, Gary Aitken wrote:
> The daily run output now shows numerous rejected mail hosts for check_rcpt 
> addresses at the domain on which it is running, e.g.:
> Checking for rejected mail hosts:
>    2 550 check_rcpt some-valid-user at
>    2 550 check_rcpt some-valid-alias at
>    1 553 check_rcpt 6090603 at exist
> The domain in the message, (the destination) is clean at
> Mail is being delivered in general.

> Some mail was rejected via due to the originating domain,
> but that's not the issue here -- the domain indicated is the destination.
> Why would I get messages indicating a rejection from spamhaus for a
> domain it does not consider a problem?

The output in the daily e-mail comes from scanning /var/log/maillog for
log lines matching a particular pattern.  The original log lines contain
a lot more detail about why a particular message was rejected, and
should be what you look at first when you get suspicious lines like this
in your daily mails.



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