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Introducing HOCOR...

This is the unique, patented professional equestrian supplement that everyone is talking about. Hocor contains 100% natural Yarrowia Lipolytica a yeast which is high in vitamin, mineral, amino acids and protein content. In fact Yarrowia Lipolytica is 35% - 42% raw protein.
NOTICE: We are currently seeking retailers, distributors and agents in the UK and mainland Europe. Geographic exclusivity is still available for discussion in many countries.
The company who researched and produced what we refer to as the "miracle ingredient" Yarrowia Lipolytica is a company focusing on implementation of created or purchased modern technologies originating from scientific research projects and their full commercial use on a massive scale.Read More
Our Products - General Care Line
HOCOR Complete & Nigella "Immune Boost" Reduces digestive problems and the risk of consequences due to improper feeding, change of diet or stress. Complete set of necessary exogenous amino acids (including selenium and vitamin E), provides an increased efficiency and stamina for hardworking horses.Read More
The high biological value of protein content favours development of muscle mass, especially in young horses. Due to a high concentration of citrulline maleate, the mix increases endurance, strength and speeds up regeneration of muscular fibres. Moreover, HOCOR Performance has prebiotic properties.Read More
Hocor titanium & MSM "Iron Hoof" is a unique product based on a highly-absorbent strain of yeast called Yarrowia Lipolytica, which contains a high level of biotin, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium in the form of highly digestible chelates and herbs. The product contains MSM (organic sulphur), which is a huge support in keeping healthy skin, hair and hooves.Read More
Our Products - Expert Line
HOCOR Digest Liver Control contains phytobiotics, which makes it highly absorbable. Milk Thistle gives the mix antihepatoxic properties, which translates into protection of the liver from toxins and helps to remove them from the horse’s system.Read More
HOCOR Regen Boost Up contains a high concentration of vitamin C and magnesium, it’s also enriched with a specially selected phytobiotics composition. Regen Boost Up quickly and effectively reduces the risk of mineral deficiencies thanks to quick &easy digestion. The content of spiruline, which is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids...Read More
HOCOR Respiro + Anti Allergy supplement for horses is in the form of essentials fatty acids with a higher content of linseed oil, rich with alpha - linolenic acid, which decreases proinflammatory cytokine levels in respiratory diseases. This has positive effect on the function of breathing.

HOCOR Respiro + Anti Allergy is a symptomatic treatment for coughing and allergiesRead More
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