A readers digest version of transferring a jail from one host to another.

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Fri Jun 30 16:07:09 UTC 2017

I have server 'A' at a remote site which has a jail 'J1' that happens
to provide an MX service.  I have server 'B' on my desk that I need to
configure as duplicate of 'B' including 'J1'.  Both hosts are running
FreeBSD-11.  We are using EZJail to administer jails on both hosts.

Both hosts 'A' and 'B' and the jail 'J1' use zfs.  Zfs snapshots are
regularly taken on 'A' (and 'B' for that matter).

zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_02.00.00--6w     632K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_02.10.00--14d    660K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_03.10.00--14d    732K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_04.10.00--14d    996K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_05.10.00--14d    856K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_06.10.00--14d    892K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_07.10.00--14d    988K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_08.10.00--14d   1000K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_09.10.00--14d   1.04M      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_10.10.00--14d    728K      -  2.97G  -
zroot/ezjail/hllmx18 at 2017-06-30_11.10.00--14d    732K      -  2.97G  -

What is the simplest way to move a copy of 'J1' on 'A' to a new jail
on 'B'?  I know that it is possible to move zfs snapshots around but I
am rather pressed for time. If someone can provide a reasonably brief
precis of the steps required to move a copy of J1 from A and restore
that as a functioning new J2 on B I then would be much appreciative.

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