Error appear while building my custom kernel

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Mon Jun 26 16:03:22 UTC 2017

On 6/26/2017 6:53 AM, marcel wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to build the kernel from the FreeBSD 11 stable source,
> following this chapter form the Handbook :
> So, I've checked the source with subversion in /usr/src and then I've
> edited the GENERIC config file and I have an error when I did 'make
> buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL' .
> Here is my kernel config file and the logs:

Things that stand out:
#device		scbus			# SCSI bus (required for ATA/SCSI)
The comment makes it pretty clear.
#device		da			# Direct Access (disks)
again kind of important.
#device		ppbus			# Parallel port bus (required)
This says required, so I'm not sure if disabling is the best solution. I don't know if there's code that relies on it, and once you have a working kernel it wouldn't be a bad idea to comment it to find out if it is actually required.

I'm confused what you're going for here. I initially thought it was a slim kernel, but you disable disks and then leave tons of ethernet cards to compile.

>From line 1 to line 369 it's the kernel config file and from line 370
to the end it's the logs (sorry for that). 
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