zpool import -N mounts filesystems anyway

David Christensen dpchrist at holgerdanske.com
Sun Jun 18 04:00:07 UTC 2017

On 06/17/17 17:00, Mel Pilgrim wrote:
> I need to import a pool without mounting its filesystems, but when I use
> the -N argument to zpool import to, per the man page, "Import the pool
> without mounting any file systems", it mounts the filesystems anyway.
> I've tried search for an answer to this, but the question is too
> ambiguous to get a decent search result.
> How do I tell ZFS to not mount anything on import?

Which version of FreeBSD?

2017-06-17 20:55:17 dpchrist at freebsd ~
$ freebsd-version

2017-06-17 20:55:19 dpchrist at freebsd ~
$ uname -a
FreeBSD freebsd 11.0-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Apr 11 
08:42:58 UTC 2017 
root at amd64-builder.daemonology.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

My man 8 zpool shows three forms for import:

      zpool import [-d dir | -c cachefile] [-D]
      zpool import [-o mntopts] [-o property=value] ... [-d dir | -c 
            [-D] [-f] [-m] [-N] [-R root] [-F [-n]] -a
      zpool import [-o mntopts] [-o property=value] ... [-d dir | -c 
            [-D] [-f] [-m] [-N] [-R root] [-F [-n]] pool | id [newpool]

Only the latter two offer -N.

It might help if you showed your console session -- exact command, exact 


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